Our Amazing Family

Our Amazing Family

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


As I am sitting here I can hear Jeramiah playing with his new toys in his room and I love the fact that he would rather play with them then watch TV!!!  I just wanted to write about him today.  I have had the last 2 weeks at home just me and him since my husband has been away doing his Army stuff.  He started basketball practice last week and he did really well.  I can't believe how fast my little man is growing up
:(  I wanted to write this because I feel like lately most of my focus has been on Savannah and I don't mean for it to be.  I Love my son so very much and I would be lost without him.  I thank God all the time for giving me this crazy kid of mine.  He is such a great kid and he makes me more and more proud everyday. He has grown up so much in the past year it is crazy.  We used to fight doing homework everyday and now we usually don't have to many problems ( somedays we do but I will take only the somedays and not everyday) He is playing sports, like I said basketball is just starting and then we will go straight into baseball, and then straight to football!!!  I love that he loves playing sports and I really love going and cheering him on!  I will always be his biggest fan oh and his number 1 cheerleader :)  He is doing really well in school and that makes me one happy momma!  I have had so many up and downs lately and I just want to let him know that I LOVE YOU JERAMIAH so very much and I will always be here for you even on my sad days.  You make me more proud then I will ever be able to tell you or show you.

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